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Shoe Pod is compactly designed mobile shoe storage with twelve expandable pockets that can hold up to 12 pairs of men's and women's shoes. Best of all, it puts men with larger shoes firmly in the comfort zone, accommodating sizes up to 14-plus.

The Shoe Pod is simple to use: slip the shoes into the easily adjustable pockets and they stay in place. The pockets fit everything... sneakers, loafers and high heels. If you've ever had a problem with low-heeled shoes falling off conventional shoe racks, the Shoe Pod is for you!

A better way to organise your shoes.

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  - 12 expandable pockets
  - Holds up to 12 pairs of shoes
  - Fits up to men's size 14+ shoe (Euro size 48.5)
  - Easy assembly

  - Tough polymer frame.
  - Super clear vinyl side panels and pockets.
  - Elastic polyester cords.


Weight: 5.5 lbs / 2.5 kgs.

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